The technology

In a nutshell

P_sense is based on the use of tailor made building blocks (functional monomers) that selectively bind and signal the presence of phosphate anions, to produce Molecular Imprinted Polymers, or so-called “plastic antibodies“, for phosphate.

More details about Molecular Imprinting.

How does it look?

The extent of the colour change upon increasing the concentration of phosphate is demonstrated on the image below (top section). What you see is a series of vials containing our phosphate sensing polymer in the form of a fine powder, exposed to increasing concentrations of phosphate (left to right). Impressed? So are we!

colour changes

Even more so, when we exposed the polymers to a series of competing pollutants such as sulphate and nitrate, as well as chloride, which is among the most abundant ions in surface waters. Our polymers only signal the presence of phosphate!

Where are we now?

We are currently working on the design and manufacture of a user-friendly, hand held sensor. Here is a demo of our prototype sensor.

If you are interested in beta testing our sensor and would like to discuss options to collaborate or invest in the technology, please use the Contact page to get in touch.

Meanwhile please explore our FAQ section and stay tuned!