How does P_sense work?

P_sense sensors contain binding elements that upon exposure to phosphate change colour depending on the concentration. As simple as that!

What does P_sense look like?

The current form of P_sense is a porous polymer powder. The plan is to formulate it to a handheld device that can be easily exposed to the sample at hand, either solid or liquid, and signal the presence of phosphate.

How long does each test take?

Seconds! As soon as the sensor is exposed to the sample, the colour change happens instantly. All you need then is to compare it to the calibrated colour scale and you will have an answer to your test.

What colours will I see?

The blank sensor is yellow. As concentration of phosphate in the sample increases the sensor turns dark orange and eventually, at extreme concentrations, deep red. The range can be tuned according to the concentration range so it is likely that we will have several versions of P_sense available.

Are the sensors singe or multi-use?

The binding and optical response process is reversible, so the sensor can be regenerated and reused several times! However, for more accurate results, we recommend single use.

What about interference from other anions?

P_sense has so far been tested in a lab setting and we have not found any significant interference from the most abundant anions found in the environment, including chloride, nitrate and sulphate. We are currently testing waste samples and will update soon on our findings.

What else do I need so that I can use P_sense?

Nothing! P_sense needs no chemical reagents (and thus it leaves no nasty by-products), no power and no instrumentation. A user friendly colour range will be provided with each sensor so that users can read out the results of their analysis instantly.

How much does it cost?

The plan is to make an inexpensive, disposable sensor, so the projected cost per test will be low. We will update on pricing once we have progressed with the manufacture of the first commercial devices.

Sounds great! Can I try it?

P_sense is currently in the initial stages of commercial development but we hope to have customer alpha tests rolled out soon. If you are interested in testing the sensor, register your interest by getting in touch.

I have an idea for an application for P_sense!

Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you!